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San Juan Soma

Movement and Bodywork


Soma Neuromuscular Integration™ is designed to improve the way you move, feel and interact with your environment. Through a series of sessions the body is systematically addressed to promote balance and a sense of ease. Clients regain mobility and are supported in developing new movement patterns.  

Together we seek to improve the relationship between your body and mind through therapeutic touch, guided movement, and awareness practices.


A Soma session lasts about 90 minutes and is a combination of deep tissue work on the table, movement assessment, and movement practice and education.

Single treatment sessions, 3 session series, or the traditional 11 series can be designed to meet your needs.


Soma can improve athletic performance, provide relief from pain, and improve posture. 

George was raised in the heart of the San Juans and first learned the joy of moving in the mountains on his mom's back at Purgatory.  He's explored many corners of the landscape he calls home by foot, ski, and rope since then.
A back injury in his 20's turned his attention to the inner landscape and the healing modality of Soma.  He's practiced and taught in high school classrooms and wilderness therapy settings.  As a certified Soma practictioner he's excited to share his experience connecting people to their environments through body-based, somatic practices.

George Foster


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1315 Main Ave. Suite 312 Durango, CO 81301

104 S. Main St Mancos, CO 81328

Above the Absolute Bakery (970)-903-6303

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